Dental Emergency

Dental injuries and dental emergencies can be distressing and even painful. Here are some of the most common types of dental emergencies that can be accommodated here at Sherwood Park Dental:

  • Broken Denture- One of the most serious complications with full dentures is prosthesis fracture - a broken denture. It is more common with the top denture but does occur with the bottom denture as well.
  • Broken, Loose or Knocked Out Teeth- For adults, trauma to the face may result in an injury as slight as a small chipping of tooth enamel, to one as severe as completely knocking a tooth out of it's socket.
  • Dental Emergencies and Pain- Dental pain can be very difficult to live with. Dental pain and emergencies can prevent you from sleeping, concentrating, and even from doing simple daily activities. Many people who have experienced dental pain just want it go away for good reason.
  • Emergency Exams- If you are visiting our office because of a dental emergency, you may receive an emergency dental exam, which is also known as a limited exam.

Sherwood Park Dental accepts walk-in emergency appointments. We offer extended evening and weekend hours in order to provide our patients with access to immediate and convenient emergency dentistry services with a dentist or dental professional. We make every attempt to provide emergency patients with same day dental appointments as high priorities.

Do you have a dental emergency? We’ve got you covered. If your mouth is experiencing pain and discomfort, call us today!

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