Mouth guards are also known as mouth protectors. They help protect your teeth from the chance of being cracked and damaged. They cover the upper teeth and they also offer protection for the soft tissues of the tongue, cheek lining, and lips.

When to wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guard is an important piece of athletic gear. It is designed to protect your teeth from injury and excessive wear. A sport like boxing has a high-risk for mouth damage. Thus there are also athletes that experienced dental injury in non-contact activities too.

How to take good care your mouth guard?

  • Bring the mouth guard along to your dental visits to make sure it still fits correctly.
  • Mouth guards need to be washed/rinsed in cold water before use.
  • After using, store and dry it in a plastic container with air vents to enable the air to circulate.
  • Clean it with water and soap once in a while then, wash it properly.
  • Mouth guards should be stored in a cool place.

Sherwood Park Dental understands that apart from proper dental care, there are situations you need to give physical protection to your teeth like a mouth guard. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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