Sealants and Fluoride Treatment

Several kids have fluoride insufficiency which sets teeth to have the chance of getting cavities. Fluoride is a mineral that attracts other minerals to make the tooth enamel strong. At Sherwood Park Dental, we can recognize whether your child’s teeth require a fluoride supplement or not. We can prescribe an easy solution if we find their teeth need this treatment.

Fluoride and Sealants are easy yet effective dental solutions created to keep your child away from tooth decay and keep your smile fresh. A dental sealant is a cover applied to your teeth to protect them from bacteria that may cause tooth decay. It’s applied to the surface of the back teeth. Most commonly, damage occurs to the molars and the premolars.

Our team here at Sherwood Park Dental provides sealant and fluoride treatments to support your child’s teeth and avoid future oral problems.

For your kids’ dental problems, schedule an appointment today and let’s get their pearly whites damage-free!

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